2001 International League Top Prospect Set - The Stats

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Jul 31, 2005
Scranton, PA
Hey all, i have been collecting this set ever since
it was purchased 9 years ago.
This and the two other sets i have been working on
have been fun, and i plan to go back to chasing the
last few i need. Anyway here are my stats:

2001 International League Top Prospects -- 14/28 – 50.0% COMPLETE

NEED: Brent Abernathy; Danys Baez;
Donnie Bridges; Paxton Crawford; Joe Crede;
Adam Dunn, Marcus Giles; Nick Johnson; Kris Keller;
Tomo Ohka; John Parrish; Alex Sanchez;
Ben Sheets; Vernon Wells

Dunn, Ohka, Giles and Wells appear to be the toughies remaining.
The rest i plan to mail c/o team or home later in the year.

I have chosen to focus on this one aggressively
right now - as it is the one i am closest to completing.
The others, 2002 and 2003 - i are 44.82%
and 17.24% complete respectively.
Just felt like sharing a bit ;)

Try them IP? - Danys Baez, Joe Crede, Adam Dunn, Marcus Giles, Nick Johnson, Tomo Ohka, Ben Sheets, Vernon Wells

and as a Tigers fan I have never heard about a return from Alex Sanchez, so I'd only send if you have a spare copy of the card.

Good luck!
Tigs fan - thanks, i will check for a dupe. I guess for right
now i can focus on the 'unknowns' that were featured.

For anyone interested in my project i will try to get some scans
up shortly of my 'haves'.