2007 Topps Series 2 Rack Boxes (Did I get a good deal?)

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Jun 12, 2005
Louisville, KY
As most of you around here know, I don't bust packs/boxes any more. I'm just a regular old player collector now (Andre Dawson incase you forgot!). My wife and I hit the local flea market today to see if we could find a deal or two.

I was really hoping to find something of Trot Nixon that my man weegee doesn't have. He hooked me up with a nice Dawson a couple weeks ago. I didn't have any luck in that department, but I did happen to stumble across a table where a guy had some loose singles and a few boxes of "junk wax".

As I was walking away I noticed two bigger boxes that were still sealed. They were 2007 Topps Series 2 Rack Pack Boxes. Both were Hobby Boxes. They were marked at $12 each and I asked if he would take $20 for the pair and he agreed. I have to assume it was a good deal since each box has 24 packs with 22 card per pack. I'm just not sure how good since I don't buy packs/boxes. Did I get a good enough deal to flip them or should I bust'em?


*Anything good in these? I don't have Beckett OLPG any more and I only have an Annual from 2005...
Are there Inserts In rack packs? if they are hobby they would have Dice-K RC's and possibly DiceK RC variations, Think those would be the best possible pulls as far as base cards go
From Dave and Adam's:

"Look for all three versions of the Daisuke Matsuzaka rookies, Japanese, and the short printed English white and red backs!!!

Look for insert sets, including Autographs, Game-Used Relics, and the continuation of the Mickey Mantle, Josh Gibson, and Alex Rodriguez Home Run History sets."

Sounds like you got a good deal. Doesn't mention gold cards, but I would imagine those are in there, too.
The only thing it really mentions on the boxes other than the fact that they are Hobby Rack Packs is that included 1 per Rack Pack are Rack Pack Exclusive Rookie Stars Cards. (10 total cards in the set)

The Boxes are only $20 each on Charmcity. After shipping flipping them is pointless.
97honda - Thanks for that info! I agree not much point after shipping...

mlbme22 - I think I just might. My wife has been bugging me all night about opening them. She misses opening packs more than I do!

There are also some no signature variations.
411 Jason Bay
437 Paul LoDuca
481 Jim Thome
630 D. Matsuzaka
634 A. Gordon
660 Y. Molina
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Wow Craig...all these great deals you are finding. I know you mentioned to me a while back where this flea market is, but care to remind me? Love going to places like that and just poking around.
I went to the BIG Flea Market at the Fair Grounds today. There used to be 50-60 dealers easy. Now your lucky if you see 10. Most of them are stuck in the 80's on pricing. There are a couple good guys out there. I just never find anything because I only collect Dawson. However, I did find a 1986 Fleer Dawson with a Psalms 103 Inscription on it for $5. I already had one signed but without an inscription. I've actually never seen Dawson inscribe a bible verse. So I had to grab it!

Man, that is this weekend?? It's ALWAYS on the weekend that I work. I've been wanting to go to that thing for literally five years and have never been off when it was going on. I'm hoping I can get down to the one they have around Christmas. Not going to hold my breath on any good cards with good pricing, but I just like to look at all the stuff people drag out to those things! Never know what you'll find....
Craig, I wouldn't mind trying to put together a 2007 Topps set. If you break those, let me know -- I might be willing to take some of the base off of your hands. I don't know that I have much Andre Dawson to trade, but I'll take a look.

Jeremy - I'm working on getting everything sorted so I can post a thread here with the contents. I'll drop you a PM just before I do so.

There's not much hits in this product, but for 10 bucks a box, it's a pretty good deal for that amount of cards.
I decided to go head and open them both. My wife got one and I got one. Nothing big, but it was fun. It had been a LONG time since I opened a box! I just posted everything *HERE*