2008 Documentry Case is OPEN

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Aug 5, 2008
Norfolk Va.
It is now open it will take me a bit to get the Base in order as I get things in order I will let each or you know. The hits are all listed in post # 7.

No Dups on Golds
Many YSL's none from the Bench want list.
All Star Game Set Complete
Home Run Derby Set Complete
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I'd be interested in a shot at any Maddux you pull that I might need from the set. I have lots more of your needs from 02 Leaf
1st 6 boxes are open:

(NFT) The Auto's are:
Kyle McCleiian
Steve Holm
Wesley Wright
Joe Koshansky
Nyjer Morgan
Lance Broadway
Luke Carlin
Elliot Johnson
Chris Smith
German Duran
Brent Lillibridge
Callix Crabbe

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection Memorabillia:DE Bucky Dent $40.00 (For Trade)

2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature Pride of New York Autographs Buyback #LB Lew Burdette AU $15.00 (For Trade)
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1st 1000 is in order hopefully by the end of the day I am done have not forgotten any one please be patient it is a lot of work with this many cards to get in order.
Have lots of Phillies needs in this set. Can buy if the price is right! LMK when the dust settles? Thanx!

I have these 4: 810 4412 4501 4502

Everyone else they are in order and I am looking I will get back to you all.Thanks for your patience.