2008 Topps Allen & Ginter - Anyone needs minis or base?

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I'm looking for one SP to finish off my set (and its been on my list for YEARS to finish this thing): #307 Pat Neshek SP. I'm willing to pay a fair price for it.

Also its worth noting that any Fukudome RCs from the base set you have to pull ASAP. It's treated as a SSP to the set.


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I purchased a collection this weekend that had an entire case of 2008 Allen and Ginter (opened) that had only the relics/autos and super rare stuff pulled from it.

Have the case worth of base - minus 1 Yankees team set and the Kershaws - would let it go cheap!

Case worth of minis, Ginter Backs, Black Borders, World Leaders, Team Orange, Baseball Icons, Sharks, and Aerial cards.

Let me know what you need! Shipping as at cost to the buyer. Take it all for $50 Delivered.

Base - Around 1800-2000 includes SP cards (301-350) and States Inserts - $15.00
Black Border Minis - 23 Cards - $6.00
Ginter Back Minis (Votto RC) - 60 Cards - $9.00
Base Minis - 143 Cards (Ichiro, Longoria RC, ++) - $14.00
World Leader Minis - 25 Cards - $5.00
Aviation Minis - 3 Cards - $1.00

What would the price be for all minis? How many Baseball Icons and Team Orange?


Thank you!