2008 Topps Moments and Milestones Alex Rodriguez Auto

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Sep 27, 2004
Arvada, CO
Hello everyone,

I just busted a box of this product and I pulled one of the two group D autographs.


I have figured that there are less than 25 copies of each group D cards out there. The way I calculated this is as follows:

Red 1/1 Parallels are 1:32 packs. There are a total of 13,469 Red 1/1 base set parallels. That brings the total number of packs to 431,008. Divide this number by the Group D odds of 1:9,251 equals 46 Total Group D autographs between the two players. Assuming that they are equally distributed, it would be around 23-25 copies of each player.

Please let me know if I am close with my math.

Thank you,
My girlfriend pulled that last night. Her response was "F'ing A-Rod". She is an Angels fan and pulled it after the 5th inning.

Here is what I pulled for the players you asked about:

Regular 74-76 Tim Lincecum
Black 74-13 Tim Lincecum 04/25

and these David Wright
Regular 18-5

Not looking to trade right now unless it is for players in my signature...which I will be updating after I post this.
I could use this:
Black 74-13 Tim Lincecum 04/25

I have these Khabibulins
1994 Signature Rookies - Tetrad #108
1995 Classic Images silver #42
1995 Pinnacle Rink Collection #118
1995 Topps Finest #63
2006 upper deck Hometown hero
Let me know.