2008 UD Heroes parallel question!

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May 30, 2006
Dorchester, MA.
Hi guys,
I could use some assistance identifying, which of the many versions of parallels I have. I have 6 or 7 that could be brown, beige, tan ,khaki or who knows what color variation? These do not have serial numbers. According to Beckett the only non-serial number versions are the base and the black.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Beige #'/d to 299
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Black no serial #
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Brown #'/d to 149
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Charcoal #'/d to 399
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Emerald #'/d to 499
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Light Blue #'/d to 49
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Navy Blue #'/d to 199
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Purple #'/d to 25
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Red #'/d to 249
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Sea Green #'/d to 99

Does any know if there are other parallels of these, or if one of the colors, likely brown or beige was not serial numbered?

with both the base and the beige numbered to 299 (I think) there are color variations. Becket does not acknowledge these at this time though.
UD screwed up a bit on those. Some of the base got numbered as beige and some of the beige went thru as base and did not get numbered. So you will see color variations for both the base set and beige cards.
Its a pretty bad set to collector....I love the serial #299 with the same color as the base cards! So it's a pretty mixed up set! Best regards, David
Ugh...thanks for the help. This answers a few questions, but does not give me a warm feeling about finishing some of these parallel sets.