2009 Bowman Chrome - MLB


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2009 Bowman Chrome - MLB

18 packs per box - 4 cards per pack
'1 Autographed Prospect Card in Every Box!'

From the Topps website:

I received the following:

Bowman Chrome - 28 unique base cards

The black high gloss Chrome finish is on the front of the cards. The reverse of the cards has pro and personal stats along with the Bowman Briefing - Resume, Skills, and Evolution summaries.

Bowman Chrome Prospects - 21 unique cards - numbering begins @ 128 - 197
World Baseball Classic - 12 unique cards - numbering begins @ 21 - 60




K. Matsui
J. Rook

Gold / Orange Refractors

I. Asencio 29/50 - Gold
H. Nakajima 11/25 - Orange


Matt Miller


As a Bowman collector - I really like this issue - with one caveat - too few cards per box and too many WBC cards in the box! There are 220 base cards - and receiving only 28 is kind of harsh and receiving 12 of the 40 WBC cards is also overboard. Now with that said, will I continue to buy the cards - heck yes!! The cards look great!

For the set collector, this may prove to be one of those sets that is hard(er) to complete the base set than normal. The player collector will love the issue for the various parallels - refractors, xfractors, blue refractors, gold, orange, red refractors... plus printing plates - rock and roll chasing each of those. I like the number of inserts in the box... This will allow for trading, for pulling that really cool low numbered card, for pulling that card that is destined for the 'bay! and possibly paying for a box or 3....

The autos - ahhhhh yes, the autos - blue Sharpee - ON THE CARD - the way it should be!! Thank you!! They look great!

Overall grade A+ still need more base in the box.

Go buy a bunch of boxes and trade those base cards with me!! Let's see how many of us can complete our sets here on the Bench.



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Rob - Asencio is yours.

WWE - sorry no Ibanez of any kind (also did not have any in my stash!)

Chris - there are only 72 cards in the box - 28 base, 21 prospects, 12 WBC, and 11 inserts.