2009 Score FB Question

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Mar 14, 2003
Hi everyone:

We bought some packs of Score FB at our local Hobby Shop. On the packs, it says "Score 2009". Underneath, it says, "Inscriptions, Popular Autographed Inserts..."

My question is this, both "Score" and "Score Inscriptions" is listed in my Beckett Magazine. How do I tell the difference?


Score is a mess...and I only know this because I have to fight the mess to get the Bradshaw cards I need...grrr...I hate Score!

Anyway...the regular "Score" cards only say "Score" on them...the "Inscriptions" say that below the "Score" on the card.

Also..this is a "Scorecard" insert...they have the "Red Zone" "Gold Zone" "End Zone" etc etc etc...it goes on and on and on....same cards, same pics, just something slightly different about each one...the only difference in the ones below and the base are the "Scorecard" stamped on them and they are #'d...oddly enough they are not numbered the same though...the regular Scorecard is #'d to 299 and the Inscriptions version is #'d to 30....go figure...it's a total mess.

Score Inscriptions -
Regular Score -
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Boy, you are right. What a mess!

How do you know if it's a "red zone", "gold zone", etc...Is it the numbering?

They say it in the corner where the other cards above say "Scorecard" and they are all different colors...the Red Zones are red...the Gold Zones are Gold...the End Zones are Black looking...then you have the "Inscriptions" version of each...AND a "Glossy" version of the base card as well...then there are also Autographed versions of each of these...it took me 3 years to finish off the 2007 set, I will post up some pics of that mess sometime.

I know it's confusing, but hope that kinda clears it up a little.


and...just some others to look at...they are pretty rediculous...

Here's an Inscriptions Artist Proof:


Here is a "regular" base:


Here is a "Glossy" base:

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to have to dig through all the cards to see what I have.

Is there a "Hobby" Version and "Retail" version or is it all in the same wrapper? Mine did not say "hobby" although I bought them at the Hobby Store.

there are different hobby and retail inserts...other than that not much difference as far as that goes.
Inscriptions is a parallel line in its own packaging that uses the SAME EXACT pics...kinda lame huh? so you can go to your local shop and buy a pack of score and a pack of score inscriptions and get the same crap with inscriptions written on it for about $0.50 more per pack lol...it's lame.

Also there are some inscriptions inserts in the regular Score as well...as if it wasn't confusing enough.

Score is a total mess.

I don't even think my Hobby Shop realizes this!!

I'll stop in today and tell him.

Hey, thanks for all of the great info. If I have or come across any Bradshaw, I'll let you know!