2009 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box - No Autographed Rookie?

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Oct 8, 2009
Hey guys, second post on The Bench. Just purchased like my 4th Hobby Box for the 2009 Topps Chrome Football set. Opened all the packs had three Copper Refractors a few Chicles, Cheerleaders, base and rookie refractors, but no auto rookie card. On the box it says "One Autographed Card In Every Box (No Purchase Necessary, See Pack For Details)". Well the pack just shows the ratio of pulls to number of packs like most packs due, is there anything I can do about it by calling Topps or did I just get a bum box and I'm S.O.L.?
This is Topps address:
401 York Avenue
Duryea, PA 18642
You can go online & let them know what happened. Usually if they will do anyhting, they require you to send something off the box & your store receipt.
Yeah I figured I'd call them. I bought the box from an eBay seller, but I'm also 99% the box is from the factory, it had the right average of refractors and subset inserts as most other hobby boxes I've opened but maybe just the average didn't equal out on this box. I'll find out soon enough.
I had a box of Bowman from 2007 like this, and I had to send all the wrappers and the box UPC.. so make sure you keep them just in case!

Good Luck
It happens. It has happened to me. They want you to send all the wrappers and a code that is stamped on the inside of the box along with a receipt.

Good luck.

they really need to figure this out, i bought two boxes this year and will not purchase anymore. I did get the autos, but i was missing cards in the packs. I have never had any luck anyways with topps chrome so i just bought finest and really enjoy that product instead.