2009 Topps Chrome - NFL


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2009 Topps Chrome - NFL​

24 packs - 4 cards to the pack
'1 Rookie Autograph Card per Box!'

From the Topps website:

I pulled the following:

72 unique base cards plus 9 duplicates

This issue - Chrome - lives up to it's name - the front of the card is a mirror - high gloss chrome/silver. There is an action shot of the player on the front and pro and personal stats on the reverse along with a short synopsis of the strengths of the player. The numbering system is TC1, TC2, etc. with the word 'refractor' printed on the card just to the left of the number.


2, 26, 31, 69, 184, 195, 213, 216

Football Stars
5, 30, 71, 75, 90, 93

Cheerleaders / Ring of Honor

Kelli, Monica, Amanda
Santonio Holmes

Gold Parallels #ed to 649

Connor Barwin
Patrick Chung

Rookie Auto

Brian Orkapo

1/1 Cyan Printing Plate

Deon Butler


VERY nice box... supposedly 96 cards to the box... I received 103 - if I counted correctly. COOL!

This should be a great issue for the set builder and collector. One should be able to get enough cards for close to a set with 3 boxes or so and have extras for trading.

The inserts I found to be interesting. I like the Football Star insert. Very simple card and well designed for my taste. The Cheerleaders are a nice respite from the everyday football card. I also like the numbering of the gold parallels. Maybe next time the refractors could be numbered???

Auto is a sticker auto - blue Sharpee. This particular sticker was off just a bit - not completely straight, but the card was designed for a sticker and I did not get a redemption card - thank goodness!

The big surprise - a 1/1 cyan printing plate - very nice pull!!

Overall grade A++ 103 cards in a 96 card box!!

Go buy several boxes and send the holdout Michael Crabtree cards to me!!



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Did you happen to pull any Johnny Knox cards? He plays for the Chicago Bears and is a rookie this year. I am not sure of the card number.