2009 Upper Deck 1989 20th Anniversary Buybacks -- Print Run?

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Feb 21, 2008
Sacramento, CA
After looking for almost a year, I finally came across the Rickey Henderson buyback that Upper Deck released last year. I never saw one for sale on eBay, and this is the first one that I have seen.


Anyone have a clue on how many of these were produced? I wrote to Upper Deck, but they have not yet responded. I know they were inserted approximately 1 per box in 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 and SPx, but they could have been in more sets as well.

Any other player/team collectors see more than one copy of any particular card? I know these are not #1/1's, but I'm interested in how many there might actually be.

Here's the full post I wrote on the card here:

Any help that you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated!
TNT had both Ozzie's when the product went live. Didn't want to drop what they went for and I haven't seen another copy of each since. So probably pretty low print run
I've got 4 of the Hensley Meulens and I've managed to snag a copy of the Dave Henderson for my player collections. Still hunting for the Winfield, Kelly and Matt Williams. I picked up a couple of small lots of commons to get the Meulens shortly after the 2009s were released and first hitting eBay. And I've got the McGriff up for sale on COMC. But I never see many of these show up and almost never see any actual stars.

There are Ozzie Smith and Roberto Alomar cards on Sportlots right now for $7.50 & $5 respectively, plus more commons.

There are a bunch on Beckett Marketplace ranging from reasonable (plus the usual Beckett S&H) to absurd ($24.79 for a John Farrell....$25 for a Pedro Guerrero).
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dont hold your breath for a UD response, they never answer this sort of thing...they will just send you some canned response if that.

I figure most of these got put in peoples junk box when they were pulled, not exactly a hit people would get excited about or put on ebay unless they figured it out they would bring something.

I'd guess they kept the Griffeys since that's what UD does...hold the good stuff...and then probably 25 sets or so worth of these thrown out for consumption.