Review 2010 Bowman Chrome - MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
2010 Bowman Chrome - MLB

18 packs - 4 cards per pack
'1 Bowman Chrome Autographed Card in Every Box!'

I received the following:

26 Veteran Base ( 11.8% of 220 base)
34 1st Bowman Chrome (31% of 110 base)
5 USA Chromes (25% of 20)



No duplications - VERY GOOD!

Veteran base are all outlined in red and rookies are outlined in green and have the "RC" designation on the front. The reverse again has the Bowman Resume - Resume, Skills, and Up Close.

The Bowman 1st cards have a silver facsimile auto on the front.




5 total
66 Fukudome
143 Hernandez
161 Latos
175 Vazquez
216 Tejada

Blue Refractor


Andrei Lobanov

Topps 100


Domonic Brown

Dual USA Auto


Daniel Camrena
John Hochstatter


2010 Bowman Chrome is the continuation of the Bowman line for 2010. For us Bowman collectors, it is a must buy. The player collector will have lots to chase - base, refractor, blue refractor, orange refractor, red refractor, and the hobby - purple refractor, and the illusive 1/1 printing plates.

I do have one major gripe - the chrome curl -- :mad: it is bad! I thought that Topps had this 'cured' - prior to this year - both Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome curl badly....

Very minor gripe - the base cards (vets/rookies - 1-220) - this is a challenge this year to collate this set. I received only 11% of the set. At this rate, I would have to purchase at least 10 boxes to even have the chance of getting a set - that's pretty stout.

If you really want a hill to climb, attempt to put the Topps 100 Chrome set together - 1 per box and they are numbered to 999 and refractors to 499. I must admit, it would be one very cool set to own.

The dual auto I pulled is a very pleasant surprise - the card is well designed and even though they are stickers, they are embedded in the card. It looks great!

Overall grade B++ I can't stand the curl!

Go buy several boxes and send the refractors of all colors of Longoria, Price, Teixeira, to me!!

I agree on the curl. My 2010s are at the end of my trade box, and they're hard to corral because the curl is all over the place!

Could use the Tejada refractor.