2010 Heritage - MLB


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2010 Heritage - MLB​

24 packs // 8 cards per pack PLUS gum!
'Look For A Real One Autograph or Relic Card in Every Box'

I received the following:

140 unique base cards (140/425 32.9% of base set)

This issue of Heritage seems to mimic the 61 set exactly - even the card stock is very similar. The front is a staged photo (non action - most but not 100%) and the reverse is chocked full of info - including complete pro stats, 2 or 3 cartoon panels with highlights, and personal stats.

I was very glad to get no duplicates in this box - for a set builder/collector - that is good.


8 Short Prints

Very easy to distinguish this year. The backs are white and inserted 1 in 3 packs, however, there are 75 SP's in this set.... that's about 10 boxes to just have the opportunity to get the 75 SP's needed for the set. I would also like to point out that the SP's are at the end of the set #426 thru #500 which allows the ones that don't want to chase the SP's to get a complete base set.

Chrome and Refractor Parallels

Chrome #ed to 1961
C3 Davis
C23 Happ
C44 Bumgarner
C49 Holliday

Refractors #ed to 561
C16 Sandoval
C45 Escobar

I commend anyone chasing the 100 card set of refractors.... heck of a chase!

New Age Performers
Then & Now

8 Jeter
15 Fielder

Then & Now
7 Ford / Verlander
10 Ford / Halladay

Ruth Chase & Flashbacks

6 Ruth Chase cards

4 Flashback
1 Maris
3 Chimp
6 Candlestick Park
10 Cobb

Box Toppers

If I have a gripe -- here it is.... what in the heck are we supposed to do with the 3 cards in one? I know of no one who collects them, or has a way to display them, or has anything special to store them in. AND IF I had been the fortunate one to have pulled the '61 Mantle from my box, and if it had been stamped with the silver 50th Anniversary stamp... I would have been ticked!! Please don't continue to ruin good cards with the silly stamp. Design a wrapper for the card with the 50th Anniversary sticker on it....
Rant completed... now back to the regularly scheduled review.

Game Used

Kerry Wood g/u jersey


Well again this year, Topps has a winner on it's hands. Lots of folks here on The Bench are collecting the set and many are attempting the master set of base, SP and inserts.

I do believe that there are a few too many SP's in the set. 50 might be a very good number. Even with 50, and attempting to purchase them on the 'bay, one will end up paying at least $2.50 each and some much more. I also like the facts that they are at the end of the set and easily distinguishable with the white backs.

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes and send all of the Rays Chromes and Refractors to me!



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If you are trading it, can use the Jeter NAP ang anyother Jeters
except for #215, that you pulled. Let me know.



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xyz - NAP Jeter is yours.

89 G - Candlestick is yours.... Bumgarner and Pablo... I can trade for them..... do you have any of the 2010 Hertiage?

Myer - Kaz is yours.



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xyz - NAP Jeter is yours.

89 G - Candlestick is yours.... Bumgarner and Pablo... I can trade for them..... do you have any of the 2010 Hertiage?

Myer - Kaz is yours.


havent opened any heritage. I found these of guys you collect:
teixiera 09 topps unique red /1199
towles 08 topps gold /2008
crawford 08 bc refractor

Anything else you are looking for? I have some 07 topps heritage sps.
LMK. Thanks


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Nice review Duane. I agree 100% about the 50th ann. stamp. Just ridiculous!

Pull any of these?

6 133 168 208 231 300 307 326 369 375 394 470

Thanks, Brett


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I feel the same way with those stamped vintage. I think it ruins the value of the card. If anything, they should just frame them like they do with the Allen & Ginters.

The box topper wouldn't be bad for TTM. LaRussa and Dempster are good signers.


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Did you pull any Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder? I have a 2010 Heritage Chrome Ben Zobrist /1961 that Id be happy to send you if you want it
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I agree on the amount of SP's. I am still trying to collect 2008 Heritage plus the high #'s set. I find it has been hard to trade for SP's and I'm not sure I want to spend the dough to finish the set.