2010 Historical Autographs

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Oct 11, 2004
Winterville, GA
Has anyone bought any of these? I recently bought one for a HOFer I needed on eBay, and I was kind of disappointed at how big they are. I thought they would be the regular size of a PSA/BGS graded card, but they are much bigger. Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts about these autos.

I think they suck, but I had to pick up a Garvey for the collection. I was also surprised, but it seemed they would be bigger. The Garvey is numbered to 20 copies, most I have seen on ebay failing to top $10!

Absolute garbage!
I picked up an Ozzie off ebay last night, haven't got it in hand yet but it does look bigger then standard cards/slabs. Player collectors are crazy enough to by them.
That is the only reason I got one. It's about the size of a 3x5 slabbed. The auto is older version, which is actually an uglier version of his auto. They are "numbered" to 20 copies, but the numbering is on the holder's label, not the item. Kinda odd and I hate cuts to begin with, so unless there are more Garveys, I am done with that issue.