2010 legendary lineage for sale 25, 50, 75 cents each see list


5.00 star(s)
I have the following 2010 topps Legendary Lineage for sale for the prices listed plus postage, which will be determined by the amount of cards wanted. Please lmk what you can use. Prefer cash sales please. thanks

25 cents each
#'s ll8(2), ll13, ll14(2), ll15(2), ll22(6), ll25, ll32, ll33(2), ll36(3), ll46(3), ll47(4), ll49(10), ll51, ll56(2), ll65(2), ll68(7), ll72(8), ll75(6)

50 cents each
#'s ll1, ll9(4), ll18(2), ll20(7), ll21(3), ll27(3), ll30(3), ll31(4), ll34, ll40(6), ll41(2), ll44(5), ll50(5), ll52(6), ll55(2), ll57, ll67(3), ll71(8)

75 cents each
#'s ll5(5), ll7(5), ll11(2), ll12(2), ll29(6), ll35, ll48, ll58(6), ll63(3), ll69(3), ll70