2010 Topps Chicle MLB - Hobby


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2010 Topps Chicle MLB - Hobby

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
2 Autographed Cards and one Game-Used Relic Card per box!

I received the following:

169 unique base cards - no duplicates!!

6 SP's (1:4 packs) -- See SP list --


Chicle and Bazooka backs

7 - Diamond Stars - National Chicle
4 - Diamond Stars - Bazooka

Game Used

Manny Ramirez
G/U jsy

Box Topper

Rogers Hornsby


Nate McLouth
Carlos Carrasco

Printing Plate

Joe Saunders 1/1


The All-Painted Series - most of these cards are pretty cool. The 12 artists who painted the series did a great job. I did not receive one in this box, but there are artist signed cards that are numbered to 10. That in itself is a reason to pick up several boxes.

Some of the renderings are much more dramatic than others - some have deep purple backgrounds and some with black - yet still others are extremely 'lifelike' in their appearance.

I like the inclusion of the Retired Stars in the set - pretty great to get a Ty Cobb or a Tris Speaker or a Pee Wee Reese card.

The best thing in this set are the autos!! They are on the card in blue Sharpee and they look fantastic!! THANK YOU TOPPS!!

I would have liked to receive a few more SP's per box - only 6 is rather 'tight.'

This box also rendered a printing plate - also very cool to pull.

Overall grade A+ --- great autos!!

Go buy several boxes and send the MLB leading Rays cards to me - GU and all!!



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If you need any base Rays let me know which ones. I can use any Jeters
aside from the base.


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I have a small question. You state that there are variations for the cards. So i guess they are shorter prints. But with the short prints i pulled a #292 bazooka back and a 329 National Chicle back. Are these rare short..shorter prints?


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Duane, did you happen to pull #'s 61 208 or 258 or any White Sox in the inserts or Sp's.

love these on-card autos