Review 2010 Topps Chrome - MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
2010 Topps Chrome - MLB

24 packs - 4 cards per pack
'2 Rookie Autographs in Every Box!'

84 unique base cards - no duplications!! :D 38% of the set of 220


Topps Chrome MLB is the parallel set to the base set of Topps. The reverse of the card has complete pro stats. The picture of the player seems to be much sharper than it's counter part - Chrome NFL.

Chrome Curl - 1 - best.... 5 worst --- 3.5 curl is baaaaaack!



L. Overbay
S. Drew
J. Upton
C. Utley


206, Chicle, Heritage Chromes

C. Billingsley
S. Kazmir
A. Jones
M. Holliday


Rookie Autographs


Jon Jay
Jenrry Mejia


First things first --- THE AUTOS ARE ON THE CARD!!! VERY GOOD!! THANK YOU TOPPS!!!! Blue Sharpee autos are on the card and the card is designed for the auto.

Topps Chrome MLB is a good issue for the player collector and the set builder. One will have a number of parallels to chase - refractor, blue, orange and red refractors.

This issue is a good compliment to the Topps base set.

Overall grade A+ -- Excellent - autos on the cards!!

Go buy several boxes and send the Longoria and Hamilton parallels to me!!

In addition to the Chrome Curl is the percentage of cards that are poorly centered. I opened two case and found over 150 cards (still counting!) that I can not use because they were miscut/off-center...

Also, for player collectors, do not put all of your money in the Hobby boxes/packs because there are 3 different retail only parallels (orange, purple, xfractor) that you will not find in Hobby packs...
Duane, is that Jon Jay Non-Refractor Autograph Available?
I need that one for my set after the first one I purchased came smeared galore.
Did you experience that problem on the backs of your two autographs? Like a blue sharpie stripe or smear?
P.S. I have a package going out on Monday for you for thanks for that awesome Stewart Refractor from finest.