Review 2010 Topps Finest MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
2010 Topps Finest MLB

2 mini boxes - 6 packs per mini box - 5 cards per pack
"Look for Sequentially Numbered Autographed Rookie Patch Cards inside every 6-pack mini box"

I received the following:

48 unique base cards

This issue is very different than 2009. The mirror finish on the card is brilliant and is printed on stiff stock. This premium card - at least in the box I received and the boxes I have opened - has been well centered and cut very well. I have not seen any printing problems with '10 Finest.

The front of the card has a mirrored brilliant finish and has a singular photo of the player. Behind the player is the team logo - nice touch.

The reverse again features 'Finestrivia' - something a little different for someone learn more about the great American pasttime.



6 regular refractors numbered to 599
4 Blue refractors numbered to 299


Green refractors numbered to 99

J Reyes
F Hernandez

Gold refractor numbered to 50

John Lester


I also received a #3 Rookie Card Redemption


From what I can ascertain, there is one of these redemption cards in each box of 2 mini boxes.

Auto'd Rookie Letter Patch Cards


O - Josh Thole
S - Ian Desmond


This year Finest has 25 rookies in the base set of 150 PLUS an additional 15 rookie Letter Patch Cards. This seems to be a very good number of rookies for only a 165 card set - nearly 25% of the set are rookies AND each is signed on the letter!

As in the past, this is an issue that should be good for the player collector - they can chase the different refractor colors - regular, blue, green, gold, red, and the 1/1's... ( so far I have been able to snag 4 of each - no red or 1/1 of 2 of my players. ) The set collector - depending on how one defines a set - either 150 or 165 - will determine the $$ spent and the time chasing those last few cards.

Overall grade A - the mirror finish makes the cards highly susceptible to finger prints - protect your Finest!

Go buy several boxes and send me those Rays refractors - any color will do!

Tony - I'll consider it, but you don't have a Met of any kind on your site... unless I missed 'em.

The cards are pretty cool and a little pricey... I have been giving $50-$55 cash for a mini- box.

I can use the redemption- trying to do the set.
Let me know what I can send you or if you see anything in my bucket.
Miss my post?
LMK what I can get you for the redemption. I have some Tex GU in my bucket.
How about a Ted Lilly Refractor?
I was fortunate enough to pull one of those!

Nice Break. I saw Desmond play last Sunday against the Dodgers, he's got a bright future!
I really like the design of the cards this year

Any Braun or Fielder base that you can trade?

I Want To Give A Big Shout Out And Let Duane Know

Thank You!!!!!!!!

I Got The Thole Today And It Is Great. It Caught Me Off Guard, As I Didn't Know Last We Talked. It Was Great To Open A Package And See It. Thanks A Ton, And Please, Pm Me And Let Me Know If I Can Find Something For You.

Sorry For All Caps, But I Really Want Everyone Who Doesn't Already Know It, This Is A Truely Genuine And Nice Member Of This Site. Thanks Again, Tony.