2010 Topps Finest NFL

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Jul 22, 2005
Reaction score
2010 Topps Finest NFL

Per Box Items: (Mini-Hobby Box)
Six packs per mini box
Five cards per pack
One serial numbered Auto. dual relic or an Auto rookie patch card.

The standard sized cards feature a full color action shot of the player superimposed onto a super shiny chrome background. The card fronts have a top and bottom border. The set name, player name and team logo also grace the card fronts. Both borders are trimmed with the team colors in this premium set. The RC logo is prominent on the front of the appropriate cards.The card backs are just as shin but do not have the chrome finish. There is no photo. Moderate biographical information, last year and career statistics and a moderate "Finest 2009 Moment" are included on the card backs. Again the top and bottom borders are trimmed with the teams colors.

What I Pulled:
30 unique cards, no duplicates.
23/125 base set cards, 18% of the base set.
Two Refractors
One Gold Refractor #/50
One X-Factor #/399
One Finest Atomic Rookie Die-Dut
One Finest Moments insert
One Finest Auto. Dual Relic Black Refractor #/50

Base Card Front and Back:

The Inserts:
Refractors - DeMarcus Ware, Pierre Thomas
Gold Refractor #/50 LeSean McCoy
X-Factror #/399 Matthew Stafford
Finest Atomic Rookie Die-Cut Ndamukong Suh
Finest Moments Joe Flacco

The Hit:
Finest Auto. Dual Relic Black Refractor #/50 Dez Bryant RC


I always knew there was a reason why Finest has always been one of my favorite products. 2010 Finest NFL maintains the standard that they set as one of the first premium brands. Good photography, awesome looking and well designed cards, no duplicates and tons of rookie cards are all big pluses. Man there are a ton of RC in this set. The auto is a sticker auto but is designed to fit the card very well the gloss/chrome combo take finger prints and smudges very easily. One thing I did notice was lacking though the "chrome curl!" only a couple of cards had little if any of this dreaded effect showing. I cannot be sure that this was not from the packaging either. The inserts are great looking and lets hear it for the return of die-cut cards! The Atomic Rookie Die-Cut almost has the look and feel of the die-cut cards form the 1990's are are still popular to chase today.

The Bottom Line:
I give 2010 Topps Finest NFL a STRONG BUY rating. You will need three to four mini-boxes to complete the base set depending on how good you are at trading. This is not as bad as with some other premium sets though. Lots of RC's, great inserts and an awesome hit! Go buy a few mini-boxes and trade your Tim Tebow cards to me!

The Final Score:
Final Ratings (Out of 5):
Base set collect-ability: 3/5
Big-hit Hunter: 5/5
Prospector Hunter:5/5
Overall Design: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Re-buy: 5/5
Overall Quality: 4/5

Overall: 37/40 (93% = A)

As always I am offering base cards to members of The Bench for a SASE

Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!