2010 Topps Is Hobby out or just retail.

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Nov 30, 2005
Burleson, TX
Seeing some posts and auctions with 2010 Topps singles. Is the product live retail and hobby or just retail?
Probably just retail.....talked to my local hobby store and it their orders have not be shipped....might be at the end of January. Best regards, David
Any word on what Topps is planning to put out this year? I normally just put together the base set, but I was thinking of trying to put something a little more high end this year, but I don't feel like bothering with whatever unlicensed stuff UD releases.

Maybe I'll give either the Heritage or the Finest a try. Any recommendations for either?
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I called three shops in San Diego and they all will be selling the hobby boxes on the 3rd of Feb. Retail is out in Target and Wal-Mart stores...better buy them now, before they throw those crazy parallel cards out later in their boxes, like they did last year!!!
back in the day, all the card shops would run out and buy up all the retail and jack the price up to the moon...lol...I wonder if any of the ones that are left are doing the same.