2010 Topps Series 1 Rookies

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Apr 5, 2010
All the descriptions of this product say that there are 30 Rookie cards. I have 31 different cards marked as Rookies. Was there an error on one of the cards? Did they miss one in their count? Anyone have a checklist for the Rookie cards?
Just trying to figure it all out.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Here are the 2010 Topps Series1 Cards that are marked as Rookie Cards:

2 Buster Posey Giants
33 Adam Moore Mariners
34 Michael Dunn Yankees
36 Tobi Stoner Mets
51 Eric Young Jr. Rockies
64 Drew Stubbs Reds
66 Kyle Phillips Jays
97 Luis Durango Padres
98 Cesar Ramos Padres
105 Madison Bumgarner Giants
129 Reid Gorecki Braves
131 Dustin Richardson Red Sox
162 Wade Davis Rays
163 Josh Butler Brewers
164 Carlos Carrasco Indians
168 Brad Kilby Athletics
194 Neil Walker Pirates
196 Ian Desmond Nationals
227 Josh Thole Mets
228 Chris Pettit Angels
229 Daniel McCutchen Pirates
259 Daniel Hudson White Sox
261 Matt Carson Athletics
270 Michael Brantley Indians
292 Tommy Manzella Astors
293 Brent Dlugach Tigers
305 Juan Francisco Reds
307 Henry Rodriguez Athletics
312 Tyler Flowers White Sox
326 Tyler Colvin Cubs
330 Brandon Allen Diamondbacks

Which one should not be a rookie card?