2010 Topps Sterling

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5.00 star(s)
Jul 22, 2005
2010 Topps Sterling

Per Box Items:
5 premium cards
1 Mystery Pack with one card
2 Multi-GU and or Multi-GU/Auto cards per box

Each black wooden box has the Sterling logo embossed on the lid and a band describing the theme of the box. The theme of the box is either a singular player or in this case "Record Breakers." The standard sized cards are all extra thick, including the base. Bordered in light blue and black, the base cards have a full color picture of the named player on an iridescent background. The set name, player name and serial numbering all adorn the card fronts. The backs lack a player picture although the text is superimposed over a black and white umpire/catchers view of a baseball field. The moderate text describes the players record breaking performance.

What I pulled:
3 base cards all #/250
1 Mystery White card #/50
2 Multi-GU cards, one #/25, one #/10

Base Card Front:
Mike Piazza, Ryan Howard, and Nolan Ryan

Mystery White:
Josh Hamilton #/50

The Hits:
Mike Schmidt Career Chronicles #5/25 Quad GU 2 w/pinstripe.
Mel Ott Career Chronicles Trip GU Bat #4/10


Ah, Topps Sterling, the epitome of the ultra high-end product. Great photography, top notch design, quality, every card being serial numbered and of course the hits are the signatures of Sterling. Topps Sterling is arguably the high-end set that all others should strive to be. Sterling is one of the first ultra high-end products and continues to deliver the landmark traditions that Sterling introduced. Many collectors have some sterling cards as the "holy grail" of their player collections and with good reason. The extreme difficulty in obtaining the base set and the lack of any rookies will make Sterling less appealing to those collectors. For the quality and care put into the product and even the box, I would have liked the cards to have been wrapped or somehow better protected in the felt lined box.

The Bottom Line:
I give 2010 Topps Sterling a shop around rating. Sterling has always been the poster child of what some collectors would say is wrong with the hobby. Companies catering to adults rather than kids who have a difficult time obtaining the product. The player list may make it difficult to flip the cards to break even let alone make a profit. Shop around and buy a box if you find a good deal.

The Final Score:
Final Ratings (Out of 5):
Base set collect-ability: 1/5
Big-hit Hunter: 5/5
Prospector Hunter:N/A
Overall Design: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Value: 3/5
Re-buy: 4/5
Overall Quality: 5/5

Overall: 28/35 (80% = B)

As always I am offering base cards to members of The Bench for a SASE

Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!

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Worst product of the year, IMHO. I've seen a bunch of people get completly destroyed on this product.
As always I am offering base cards to members of The Bench for a SASE

Could I get the Ryan card for a SASE ? lmk -