2010 Topps - Thanks to ALL the great traders here on the bench !!!

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Feb 24, 2009
Brooklyn NY
As a middle aged dude :cool:
I got back into collecting cards back in mid 08.
Having not collected since the early 90's ,
just making any kind of trades was awesome.

For the last couple years Ive mainly collected topps chrome and AG.
I also took a shine to the 09 finest as well despite not having bough a box or even a pack. :cool:

I have a ridiculous 2008 topps chrome collection, in part due to help here on the bench. i have EVERY refractor, x fractor copper refractor and blue refractor
Check out some of my (PC/NFT) 2008 Topps Chrome Red Refractors and Print Plates here and rainbows here

I suppose i should make this my sig huh ??

When i gpt back "into it" I thought "why buy basic topps ? "
You know ? Just pickup the the factory set ,with a mantle gu from target :)
like i have for a few years...

BUT, i was intrigued buy the million card giveaway thing so
I bought an HTA box of series 1 topps 2010.
I was ecstatic that the box gave me the entire 330 card set(is this true for 2008 hta boxes as well ???) PLUS I got the entire 10 card "code set"
ok they were all mostly scrubby mcsucky
but i did get an early dave concepcion and it actually could be one of the card my mom threw out when she split for the west cooast .... LOL

This is the also first time Ive gotten in right at release and immediately put up ALL my extras for trade. And now with a coupla years worth of extras Im also "finding" more trades. I was really happy to come on here, make trades, be able to complete not only the TR and CYMTO insert sets i wanted, but also finish off the wyty kind of by accident lol.

so now ive got the series one plus 4 complete insert sets.
(and still have all my boxhits yay !)

Ive been hard pressed to keep up with the cards flying out the door but man its great to just knock out what i wanted and be done with it :)

Long story kinda shortened,
I trade on 4 boards and have made like 18 trades
since this past wednesday , but 10 of them were here.
you guys ROCK !! :cool:
MANY Thanks to all you guys here on The Bench.

dave the metdude

ps need better smilies !!! ;)