2010 Topps Tribute / Stephen Strasburg update


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Topps announces there are a total of 500 Stephen Strasburg Autographed Relic cards available for redemption in 2010 Topps Tribute Baseball (250 Autographed Dual Relics & 250 Autographed Single Relics). Both the single and dual Autographed Relic cards feature pieces of game-used base from his historic Major League Debut (as stated on the card’s back) and are sequentially numbered as follows:

Base - 99
Blue Parallel - 75
Black Parallel - 50
Gold Parallel - 25
Red Parallel – 1

Collectors holding redemption cards for either the Autographed Dual Relic or Autographed Single Relic will be randomly sent one of the 5 different rainbow foil cards within the next three weeks.