Review 2010 Triple Threads - MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
2010 Triple Threads - MLB

2 Mini Boxes - 6 Cards per pack
'A Low-Numbered Autographed Triple Relic Card and A Low-Numbered Triple Relic Card'

I received the following:


6 base cards - numbered to 1350

The base cards of Triple Threads are each numbered to 1350. Each of these premium cards has a matte finish on both the front and reverse. The photography is good but the card itself is not favorable for a really sharp 'HD' photo.


Bronze #ed to 525

Sandberg, Beckett



Mathewson #ed to 240
F. Hernandez #ed to 99


Triple Relics


Andre Either #ed to 99

Triple jersey


Utley, Howard, Werth #ed to 9

Bat, 2 jerseys


2010 Triple Threads - ultra high end issue. This issue is fantastic for the player collector. I have been able to pick up several Longoria cards on 'the 'bay' for relatively low costs. Obviously, the lower the number of the card, the greater the cost. One has many options as to what they want to collect - parallels, autos, game-worn w/auto, game-worn w/o auto, or even the player along with another player on the same card.... lots of opportunities to increase your collection - and I did not even include the White Whales 1/1.

The auto I received is on the card -- excellent and the design of the Either card is very good as well!!!

If there is a draw back to this issue, it's cost. In Orlando, display boxes are going for $180 or better - that's a little stout. Now if you are fortunate enough to pull one or more white whales, then the price is not so bad....

I did not receive a rookie card of any kind in my box. I believe that a rookie card or 2 should be added to each pack, thus increasing the number of cards in a pack to 8 instead of just 6.

Overall grade A-- a little pricey and no rookies:confused:

Go buy several display boxes and send the Rays and their parallels to me!!

I love that Andre Ethier!
Great box overall! I really like the on-card autographs this year.
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