2011 Bowman Platinum - M L B


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2011 Bowman Platinum - M L B

20 Packs - 5 Cards per pack
2 Chrome Autographed Cards and 1 Autographed Relic Card in Every Box!

I received the following:

70 original and unique base cards - 70% of the set ;)
11 Bowman Prospect cards - 11% of the set

This premium issue features a full bleed action photo on stiff stock. The front has a high gloss and resembles a refractor. The reverse has stats both pro and personal along with a 'Platinum Moment'.

The prospect set might be a small hill to climb - receiving only 11 cards in a box - one would need to purchase 10 boxes to have enough for a set -or it's off to ebay or Sportlots to complete the set.


Gold // Green // Red Parallels

7 gold
2 unnumbered green - one numbered to 599
1 red

Blue // XFractor

1 blue #ed to 199
5 XFractors


Shelby Miller
Miguel De Los Santos #ed to 399
**Both cards auto'd on the card** :D :D :D

Auto / Relic
Jesse Crain #ed to 99


Platinum is a good issue for the player collector - base, gold, green, red, blue, some numbered and ever Xfractors (with a pattern - very good!!) If I could make a change, I would have numbered each of the colors to make them even more special.

This is also an excellent issue for the up and coming players - many of which I have never heard of, but hopefully one day, one of them will be outlandishly great and the card will be worth a zillion $$ (especially with this economy!!)

I really like the autos on the cards - they look great - blue Sharpee on the card!! The auto / relic is a sticker card - at least this one is.

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays parallels to me!!



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I'd be interested in the Emerald if it's going to be availabe, I have this thing for Emeralds lately (Bautista not the De Los Santos auto)


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Duane, if you decide to trade the Shelby Miller, please let me know. Thanks, Tony.