2012 Topps fs or trade,including QB Immortals, Rookie Reprint,& Paramount Pairs sets

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Mar 28, 2010
2012 Topps fs or trade,including QB Immortals, Rookie Reprint,& Paramount Pairs sets

Hand collated,all nm-mt. The whole complete set including the QB Immortals set,Rookie reprint set,and the Paramount Pairs set goes with it.I would take $65.00 if buying...I would also be interested in working out a trade too.
lol...I forgot,The Prolific Playmakers set goes with it...complete 50 card set :
PP-AB Anquan Boldin
PP-ABR Ahmad Bradshaw
PP-AD Andy Dalton
PP-AF Arian Foster
PP-AJG A.J. Green
PP-AL Andrew Luck
PP-ANB Antonio Brown
PP-BL Brandon Lloyd
PP-BM Brandon Marshall
PP-CB Cedric Benson
PP-CF Coby Fleener
PP-DB Dwayne Bowe
PP-DEB Dez Bryant
PP-DMO Denarius Moore
PP-DS Darren Sproles
PP-FG Frank Gore
PP-JA Jared Allen
PP-JB Jahvid Best
PP-JBL Justin Blackmon
PP-JF Joe Flacco
PP-JG Jabar Gaffney
PP-JGR Jimmy Graham
PP-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
PP-KK Kevin Kolb
PP-LB LeGarrette Blount
PP-LF Larry Fitzgerald
PP-LK Luke Kuechly
PP-LR Laurent Robinson
PP-MA Miles Austin
PP-MC Marques Colston
PP-MF Matt Forté
PP-MI Mark Ingram
PP-MJD Maurice Jones-Drew
PP-MK Matt Kalil
PP-ML Marshawn Lynch
PP-MWI Mike Williams
PP-PH Percy Harvin
PP-PHI Peyton Hillis
PP-PW Patrick Willis
PP-RF Ryan Fitzpatrick
PP-RG Robert Griffin III
PP-RH Ronnie Hillman
PP-RL Ray Lewis
PP-SG Shonn Greene
PP-SJ Steven Jackson
PP-SR Sidney Rice
PP-TR Trent Richardson
PP-VC Victor Cruz
PP-VJ Vincent Jackson
PP-WM Willis McGahee