2012 Topps Prime N F L


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10 Packs // 6 cards per pack
1 Auto'd Relic Per Box // 1 Auto'd Card per box // 2 Relic cards per box

I received the following:

41 unique base cards and 2 duplicates

Topps Prime NFL is a premium product. The cards are printed in heavy stock and the photos (I really like the photos!!) are full bleed (cover the entire card.) The photos are all action shots in HD. The reverse has pro, personal, 2011 stats, and career stats along with a 'Prime Time Performance.'

The front design in foil is carried over to the reverse - nice touch!


Gold Foil Parallel

7 total

Much thicker version of the base card with gold foil....

Bronze // Gold Parallels

Bronze - Trent Richardson #ed to 350
Gold - DeVier Posey #ed to 50

PrimeTimers // Primed Rookie

Jermichael Finley
DeAngelo Williams

Primed Rookie
Steven Hill


Michael Floyd - Quad Relic #ed to 146
Jarius Wright - Patch/Jsy #ed to 25 (sweet!!)


Ryan Tannehill #ed to 99
Michael Floyd -- Prime V Auto/Relic Redemption


Topps Prime NFL - this should be a good issue for the set builder and the player collector. The set builder should be able to get enough base with 4 boxes for a set of 150. I am not aware of any SP's in the set. If there are, someone please let me know. The player collector will have the base, thick gold foil parallel, the bronze, gold, and other parallels to chase of their favorite player.

The jsy/patch that I received is sweet! I really like the patch and it's only numbered to 25! The card is extremely thick - the equivalent to 4 base cards....

The front of the cards are glossy and in HD photography - they look very sharp. I received 8 rookies in this box and the rookie designator is on the card making it easy to spot. NO I did not get RGIII or Andrew Luck - sorry!

The auto I received is a sticker and Mr. Tannehill flunked penmanship in school!

Overall grade A-- should not have received any dupes in a limited pack box....

Go buy several boxes and send the Tebow cards (parallels and all) to me!

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Nice break and thank you for the review.

If you happened to pull any Eagles - would like to put a request in for them.


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very nice reveiw the TRich card is pretty awsome. Over all a good looking product i would have to say if the TRich is available in trade or anything let me know please