2013 Topps Chrome


I was at Walmart the other day and was jonesing for some packs to open. The local Walmart had not yet gotten 2015 Topps so I was bummed and decided to get a blaster box of 2013 Topps Chrome that was on sale.

The box said look for a special pack of purple refractors... OK. I started ripping through the packs and much to my surprise, the ENTIRE box was Purple Refractors!

If anyone is trying to put this set together, shoot me a list and lets trade. In trade I would be looking for vintage or vintage looking cards. Thanks and God Bless!

To make it easier I added the numbers I have:

219x2 216 215 205 138 PUIG 135 131 130 127 126 122 121 120 115 110 71 57 55 44 35 34 26 2


19kgreen64- 46 Napoli 79 Ortiz 111 Lester 166 Bradley,Jr

STLSHOEMAN- No luck, sorry

dlackey- Struck out there to, sorry


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I can use the Napoli....what are you looking for tradewise?
I have a little bit of vintage and tons of retro stuff available....any specific teams or players?


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For the Puig I would definitely be looking for pre-1980 RC or Stars. You have a list?

Don't have a list, but I know there isn't too much of that laying around my place right now. Let me know if there might be any particular players/teams and I will see what I have. Thanks, Andy