2014 Heritage Purples Needed


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Would like to put this set to sleep. Need a few blues and reds and logo variations as well. Need what is below and have a ton of SPs, chrome, and purple to trade as well. Will also purchase at reasonable prices.

* = incoming

Purple Chrome
73 Francisco Liriano
145 Edwin Encarnacion*
148 Freddie Freeman*
170 Justin Upton*
200 Jason Heyward
269 Albert Pujols
345 Jose Bautista
350 Alfonso Soriano
434 Pedro Alvarez
458 Anthony Rizzo
464 Joe Mauer
472 Joey Votto*
473 Adrian Gonzalez*
474 Billy Butler
489 Jean Segura
500 Miguel Cabrera*

150 Manny Machado
330 CC Sabathia
426 Yasiel Puig
434 Pedro Alvarez
447 Dustin Pedroia
458 Anthony Rizzo
468 Carlos Santana
473 Adrian Gonzalez

tom szczygiel

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I have these if you still need them;
2014 Topps Heritage Purple Refractors #474,489
2014 Topps Heritage Bazooka Mini 65B-CG Carlos Gonzalez, 65B-CC Sabathia
2014 Finest 1994 #94F-TT Tulo
2014 Finest Sterling #TS-RC Cano
2012 A&G Mini Men In Hats #5
2012 A&G Fashinable Ladies FL-7
2013 A&G Mini All In A Days Work #AIDW- PO Police Officer
Allen Ginter Mini Fabulous Faces Of Floccunnence FFF-1,7
Allen Ginter Mini Fortunes For The Taking FFT- 1,3,4,5,8,9
send me a email ryan4sale@aol.com