2014 Star RC's / GU / Autos FT for my pc needs


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Please check my bucket for GU/Serial Numbered/and Autos...Please list the players you are looking for, and I will pull whatever RC's I have of that player and list them

Have a ton of these 2014 RC's to move

Looking for Lacy, Luck, Dwayne Allen, Steven Jackson, and Trent Richardson

The following are RC's I have for trade for the above listed players.

2014 Chrome Teddy Bridgewater
2014 Chrome Tall Boy Mike Evans
2014 Valor Jordan Matthews Retail
2014 Topps Jordan Matthews x3
2014 Prizm Johnny Manziel
2014 Topps Mega Chrome #2 Johnny Manziel x2
2014 Valor Johnny Manziel Retail
2014 Chrome Johnny Manziel
2014 Topps Mini #230 J Clowney
2014 Topps Mega Chrome J Clowney x3
2014 Topps J Clowney x3
2014 R&S J Clowney
2014 Certified Skys the Limit K Benjamin
2014 Topps Mini K. Benjamin #274
2014 R&S K. Benjamin
2014 Bowman Sterling K Benjamin
2014 Topps K Benjamin x2
2014 Bowman Margise Lee
2014 Topps Marqise Lee
2014 Score Blake Bortles
2014 Topps Mega Chrome Blake Bortles x3
2014 Valor Hobby Sammy Watkins
2013 Topps Mega Chrome Sammy Watkins x3
2014 Bowman Sammy Watkins
2014 Topps Samy Watkins x2
2014 Chrome Sammy Watkins
2014 Topps Jeremy Hill x3
2014 Chrome Jeremy Hill
2014 Valor Hobby Jeremy Hill
2014 Bowman Jeremy Hill
2014 R&S Jeremy Hill
2014 Topps Bishop Sankey
2014 Chrome Bishop Sankey
2014 Bowman Bishop Sankey x2

Also have 2013 RC lots of Hopkins, Bernard, Manuel, and Geno Smith
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