2014 Topps Chrome


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I picked up two boxes of Chrome at my local WalMart, as that's all they had in baseball other than the basic Topps set. These two are to celebrate the Cubs inking Jon Lester. As per usual, I'm after Cubs parallels, variations, serial numbered cards, and the like. Two baby boxes of Chrome should give me something of interest, at least.

Box One

CC-PF Fielder Rangers
180 Rios (Silver Refractor) Rangers
80 Myers (Purple Refractor) Rays
104 Dickey (Purple Refractor) Jays
103 Fernandez (Purple Refractor) Marlins
136 Davidson (Purple Refractor) White Sox
208 Grilli (Silver Refractor) Pirates
115 Liriano (Silver Refractor) Pirates
170 Wright (XFractor) Mets
Just When I thought I'd gotten the wrong box
Auto Rookie Base Card of George Springer

Box Two

US175 Trout Rookie Reprint
81 Siegrist (XFractor) Cardinals
117 Chapman (Silver Refractor) Reds
CC-MTA Tanaka Yankees
183 Moss (Silver Refractor) A's
19 Taveras (Silver Refractor) Cardinals
16 Molina (Purple Refractor) Cardinals
24 Pinto (Purple Refractor) Twins
10 Tanaka (Purple Refractor) Yankees
72 Latos (Purple Refractor) Reds

If you're after the Trout, the Tanaka, or the Springer, come hard. The Trout has been selling around 20 on eBay, and the Springer has been around 30. The Tanaka is going for well less, but I'm not fixing to move it for a middling card.

It was fun, especially pegging the Springer and Trout in back-to-back packs.


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Whoa, great luck! Any interest in a Lee Smith Topps Tribute Autograph Green #'d /25 for the Trout?


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Almost tempting. I really can't part with anything Jeter or Trout. Personal collection fo' sho'. I can get Lee Smith stuff cheaper on the Bay.


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Not seeing anything in the Tanaka Purple Refractor range in Cubs stuff. But I might have missed something.