2014 Topps Supreme - M L B


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2014 Topps Supreme - M L B

One box/pack received - 2 autos per box/pack - 2 cards only

Chris Sale #ed to 50 -Auto'd - Diecut Supreme Styling

Ryan Howard #ed to 5 - auto


Topps Supreme is a premium issue and one only receives 2 cards per pack/box. (Full disclosure - I have been chasing some of these on the 'bay - have won several auctions - have made bids on case breaks / 1/2 case breaks / 1/4 case breaks -- have not won a team yet on a case break -- don't know why my $3 bid keeps getting blown away???? -- The cards I have won have all been low end autos and Rays - also low end for other reasons - we ain't too good!)

Topps Supreme is printed on very thick stock with gold foil imprinting. The autos that I have and the ones I have seen are all stickers..... very unimpressive - especially being a premium issue. The cards are designed for the stickers with some of the 'areas' with gold foil - makes the auto look good.

There are lots of variations - especially good for the player collector - Simply Supreme - various colors available, Supreme Styling, Die Cuts - gold, blue, red, -- all of which are numbered --- YEAH! My favorites, that I have seen so far, are the colored die cuts - red is numbered to just 10 and blue is numbered to just 20.

I will give Topps credit for excellent packaging - it is impressive!

Overall grade B - premium product --- should not have stickers!

Go buy several packs or win some teams in a case break and send the Rays to me!