Review 2014 Topps Supreme - N F L


5.00 star(s)
2014 Topps Supreme - N F L

One Pack - 4 cards

I received these:

2 'base' cards both numbered...

#1 LeSean McCoy #ed to 144
#81 Tom Brady #ed to 162


Tom Savage #ed to 50

Printing Plate 1/1

Russell Wilson - Cyan plate


Topps Supreme NFL is truly a premium issue. Each of the cards I received are numbered (still don't know how numbers are determined 144 and 162???) The player collector should be relatively happy in the chase. There are quite a few numbered parallels and inserts - the back of the box lists close to 65 different inserts - if I counted correctly. The base set builder will have one heck of a hill to climb building this set.

Each of the cards are very thick and have a busy design behind the player. The player is the only one on the card. I get from reading the reverse of the box that retired players are included in the issue. The boxes go here in O'do for about $100 each and from what I am told it is hit or miss with each box.

I like the fact that the auto that I received is an on card auto - as it should be on a premium issue. Unfortunately, Mr. Savage can only write his initials.... hopefully his offspring will be able to go to a good school and learn to actually write their name!

The printing plate of Wilson is a pleasant surprise. Not really sure how well printing plates are selling or valued, but if one has to get one - Russell Wilson is a pretty good one to get.

Overall grade A

Go pick up a few boxes and try your good fortune!!