2014 Update Inserts- One final shot


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Nothing major, just some bookkeeping.

I store my trade bait by team, and by general trade demand of the card. (So my serial numbered and rainbow stuff will be stored together, and so will my inserts that many of us roll our eyes at.) My vacation ends tomorrow, so I want these in the appropriate boxes so I'm ready for the 2015 stuff to come soon.

I'm mainly looking for Cubs variation stuff, which will be more intriguing with the upcoming sets.

In case any of you want these, they'll be easier to find now than in a few days.

Throwback Minis

TM-JF Fernandez Marlins
TM-DC Cone Mets
TM-CB Buchholz Red Sox
TM-IR Rodriguez Astros
TM-PG Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
TM_MST Stottlemyre Yankees

Fond Farewell

FF-TH Helton Rockies
FF-RH Halladay Phillies
FF-MM McGwire Cardinals
FF-JS Smoltz Braves
FF-OV Vizquel Blue Jays
FF-PK Konerko White Sox

Future Is Now

FN-CY2 Yelich Marlins
FN-CY1 Yelich Marlins
FN-GP2 Polanco Pirates
FN-MB1 Betts Red Sox
FN-MW1 Wacha Cardinals
FN-MW2 Wacha Cardinals
FN-OT1 Taveras Cardinals
FN-OT2 Taveras Cardinals
FN-OT3 Taveras Cardinals
FN-YV3 Ventura Royals

Power Players

PPA-JB Bautista Blue Jays
PPA-TT Tulowitzki Rockies
PPA-RC Cano Mariners
PPA-MS Scherzer Tigers
PPA-JU Upton Braves
PPA-HR Ramirez Dodgers
PPA-CK Kershaw Dodgers
PPA-AM McCutchen Pirates
PPA-CGN Gonzalez Rockies

World Series Heroes

WSH-JL Lackey Angels
WSH-FV Valenzuela Dodgers
WSH-CS Sabo Reds