2015 Heritage Purples


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eBay lot, so I'm in for a bit on these. No rush to trade them, but it depends on if you have similar Cubs, or applicable HOF stuff.

THC-60 Holliday Cardinals
THC-75 Kemp Dodgers
THC-175 Donaldson A's
THC-260 Bumgarner Giants
THC-340 Richards Angels
THC-431 Hamilton Reds
THC-432 LaRoche Nationals
THC-433 Weaver Angels
THC-435 Polanco Pirates
THC-448 Santana Indians
THC-452 Zimmerman Nationals
THC-454 Machado Orioles
THC-459 Wright Mets
THC-461 Rendon Nationals
THC-463 Fernandez Marlins
THC-465 Price Tigers
THC-475 Cabrera Tigers
THC-478 Gray A's
THC-485 Carter Astros
THC-486 Yelich Marlins
THC-489 Kipnis Indians
THC-492 Samardzija A's
THC-494 Seager Mariners
THC-495 Verlander Tigers

I have the Castro and Rizzo from the lot. Also posting some 2015 Topps stuff -64