2015 Spring Training Extras FT


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These are what I have for trade from my annual trip to Florida Spring Training. This year is just Nationals and Astros since it is really tough to get the Tigers and my friend can no longer get around the Braves park.

Spring Training Extras FT only ( all signed in blue at Spring Training from 2/21 to 2/24)
Barrett, Michael 2010 Upper Deck
Blevins, Jerry 2014 Topps
Chapman, Kevin 2013 Oklahoma City Redhawks
Conger, Hank 2011 Topps
Dauer, Rich 1978 Topps
Davis, Erik 2011 Bowman Prospects
Deduno, Samuel 2014 Topps
Dominguez, Matt 2014 Heritage
Feliz, Michael 2014 Bowman Prospects
Fontana, Nolan 2009 Upper Deck USA
Fontana, Nolan 2013 Bowman Breakout Stars
Fontana, Nolan 2013 Panini USA Baseball
Gonzalez, Marwin 2013 Topps Update
Grossman, Robbie 2009 Bowman Draft
Grossman, Robbie 2013 Panini USA
Grossman, Robbie 2014 Heritage
Hillman, Trey 2009 Topps
Hoes, L. J. 2013 International League TP
Lobaton, Jose 2009 Bowman Draft
Lowrie, Jed 2014 Heritage
Marisnick, Jake 2012 Bowman Prospects
Marisnick, Jake 2014 Topps
McHugh, Collin 2013 Topps
Miller, Dyar 1980 tidewater Tides
Neshek, Pat 2007 Topps 52
Petit, Gregorio 2008 Bowman Draft Prospects
Qualls, Chad 2008 Upper Deck
Qualls, Chad 2010 Topps Update
Ramos, Wilson 2010 Bowman Draft
Roberts, Leon 1984 Donruss
Santana, Domingo 2013 Heritage Minors
Singleton, Jon 2013 Bowman Top Prospects
Singleton, Jon 2013 Heritage Minors
Singleton, Jon 2013 Topps Pro Debut
Singleton, Jon2014 Topps The Future is now
Springer, George 2013 Panini USA
Springer, George 2014 Topps Future is Now
Springer, George 2014 Topps Update
Springer, George 2015 Topps
Stassi, Max 2011 Topp Pro Debut
Tucker, Preston 2014 Bowman Top Prospects
Villar, Jonathan 2013 Topps Update
Villar, Jonathan 2014 Topps
Williams, Matt 1997 Leaf
Zinter, Alan 1992 Classic Best




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I have these, if you find a surplus, I would be interested in your Springer, George 2013 Panini USA
as well:

Dave Garcia –Cleveland Indians (photo)
Chris Bando -Cleveland Indians (own card)
1985 Topps #212 George Vukovich (Indians)
1981 Topps #697 Rick Waits (Indians)
1979 Topps #484 Rick Waits (Indians)
1978 Topps #332 Duane Kuiper (Indians)
1978 Topps #253 Jim Kern (Indians)

Frank Pastore –card sized pamphlet Reds
1990 Donruss #586 Joe Oliver (Reds) RC
1982 Donruss #355 Paul Moskau (Reds)
1981 Topps #546 Paul Moskau (Reds)

Al Worthington -Twins post card
1990 Donruss #119 Jeff Reardon (Twins)
1985 Topps #62 Mike Ramsey (Expos)
1980 Topps #721 Paul Hartzell (Twins)
1978 Topps #113 Don Carrithers (Twins)

1982 Donruss #238 Renie Martin (Royals)
Jim Gaudet —signed business card (Royals)

Dyar Miller -Astros Pitching Coordinator business card
1988 Topps #461 Danny Darwin (Astros)
1990 Donruss #561 Danny Darwin (Astros)
1986 Topps #389 Glenn Davis (Astros)
1985 Topps #326 Kevin Bass (Astros)
1978 Topps #279 Bill Virdon (Astros)


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I can use these, refresh my memory, what do you collect? Sorry I don't have an up to date trade list.

Blevins, Jerry 2014 Topps
Marisnick, Jake 2014 Topps
Villar, Jonathan 2014 Topps