Review 2015 Stadium Club - M L B


5.00 star(s)
2015 Stadium Club - M L B

16 packs - 8 cards per pack
2 on card autos in every box
One parallel or insert card in every pack

I received these:

110 unique base cards - no dupes!! Yee Haw!!:cool:

Stadium Club is very well made. It is a premium issue with the cards being very reminiscent of the initial year of Stadium Club - with the exception that these are 2-3x as thick as the original back in the 90's. Even tho these are thicker - they are still light weight. Each card is full bleed - (for the Yankee fans - that means the picture goes all the way to the edge of the card - no border.;)) The base cards have a silver foil imprint and the inserts various colors ( I only received black and gold.) The front of the card is high gloss and the reverse is glossy as well - with a different pic than the front - very well done!! Card numbers are reasonably easy to read - one can easily mistake a 6 for an 8 -- be careful with that!

Stadium Club is a good issue for the player collector and the team collector. One can find retired players, veterans, and a few rookies (not many from what I received...) The set builder might be working for a bit, unless several 3-6 boxes are purchased. I received 110 cards of the 300 card base set or about 36.6% of the base set. The player collector will have various parallels to chase, black, gold, refractors (numbered) - even autos.


Gold / Black

2 Black
8 Gold

Neither of which is numbered...

True Colors / Contact Sheet

True Colors - Adrian Gonzales
Contact Sheet - Cargo and Mike Trout

Die Cuts

Luminous and Legends

Legends - Randy Johnson
Luminous - Victor Martinez

Gold Refractor

Evan Gattis - #ed to 25


Juan Lagares
Cliff Floyd

Both autos are on card - blue Sharpee and look excellent..... but Cliff Floyd? I'm very sure his wife, kids, mom and dad love him, but really?

These cards really do look great, feel great, and should be excellent to collect - but the autos I received in this particular box were disappointing... I would prefer 2 rookies or 2 HOF or 1 rookie and 1 HOF or....???

I am a big fan of the die cuts - (as always) - these look great and are well done!!

Overall grade A- --- Autos B--

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays - parallels, autos (if there are any Rays autos) to me!!



5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review Duane. These cards are absolutely beautiful! Might have to go for the set. Please LMK if you pulled any of these.

52 80 114 200 284 285

Thanks, Brett