2015 Super Break Big Boppers - Box 09/09/2015


5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 1-2 cards per box.

- The most Premium Box with the Top of the Line Buy Back Cards, Certified Autographed Collectibles
and The Bar - One of One Pieces.
- The Top names and Top Brands of Buy Backs compliment this product.
- One of Ones, True Rookies, Vintage Hall of Famers, Logomen, Tags, Bgs and Psa 10's and more.
- Game Used Certified Collectibles
- This product will be stacked and very limited

New The Bar One of Ones with top names, Technology and Combinations including Certified Game
- Used Material, Gold, Vintage Bills, Diamonds, Tickets ,Cards and more!
- Presidents, Famous Vintage Autographs, Top Modern Sports Athletes can all be found on The Bar.
- There are Multiple Lincolns, The very best Historic Sports Names with real Game Used Patches and Tags.

Team Signed and Themed Multi Certified and Autographed Collectibles
- Basketballs, Team Balls, Bats, Shoes, Jerseys, Footballs and more.

Redemptions will be issued for items too Large to fit in the Box.
- All items are in stock and Will ship Prompt. There is a 180 Redemption Expiration window

Purchase: http://www.blowoutcards.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=10910
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