2015 Super Break Primary Players: All Teams In - Box 06/22/2015


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Product Description
Configuration: 1-3 cards per box.

- An All Card Product - No Redemptions - No Memorabilia
- Some of the Finest "The Bar" pieces we have made will be included in this limited production run. "The Bar" pieces are live in the boxes. There are over Three Dozen as well as the new "The Bar Booklets" Single and Multi Auto pieces
- True Rookie Auto's, Tough Auto's, 1/1's, Patches, Logomen, Tags, Booklets, RPA's, Superfractors, BGS 9.5 & 10's, Black Labels, PSA 10's and more
- The Greatest names in past, present & future from the Four Major Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey
- A total of 122 teams - All represented
- We will provide a 32 Category List with 4 Teams per Category
- Example: Atlanta Hawks, NY Rangers, LA Dodgers , Carolina Panthers = One Category
- The remaining categories that do not have spot #4 team will indeed have "The Bar" listings.

Case breakers : This product is an "All Day Ticket!!"

Purchase: http://www.blowoutcards.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_89&products_id=10681