2015 Super Break Super Deluxe Breakers Ed Box 05/13/2015


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Product Description
Configuration: At least 10 items per box.

- 2015 Super Break Box Breakers Edition Featuring "The Bar" high end pieces
- A high end release with the greatest amount of punch of any product in Super Products History.
- Some of the Greatest Cards, Autographed Collectibles, Game Used Items, Presidential Documents, Historical Documents from Innovators & Inventors, and Original 1/1 " The Bar" pieces all in 1 product.
- Cards from Top Products of the Best Players Raw as well as BGS/PSA Slabbed cards Rookies, 1/1's, Patches, Booklets and more.
- Autographed Certified Collectibles from the most Wanted names in sports & history today and ever.
- Certified Game Used Authentic Items of Jerseys, Bats, Balls, Fight Robes, Team Balls, Hats, Pictures Cleats, Batting/ Boxing Gloves and more.
- Autographed and Certified Documents, Books, Cuts, Presidential Letters, Photos, Bank Checks and more.
- Buffalo Bill, Orville Wright, Abraham Lincoln, Disney, Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt, JP Morgan, Edison, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Wagner, Cobb, and more of History's Greatest!

Featuring "The Bar"
- "The Bar" makes a huge splash in this high end release. 50 of the finest produced will be found in this Super Break Box Breakers Edition

About The Bar
- Each "The Bar" is a true 1/1 original made with the highest of quality.
- JSA/BGS certified, graded, slabbed and secured.
- Each "The Bar" features a genuine Gold Bar Logo on the front of each piece, A picture of the actual Autographed item on the reverse, as well as a Genuine Certified Autograph/Autographs on the front.
- Each Art piece is a true 1/1 Orignal, the precious metal/ gem content is listed on the reverse of the card as well as a Bio of the individuals accomplishments and why they have influenced History!
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