2015 Topps Chipz Baseball Box 04/15/2015


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Product Description
Configuration: 36 packs per box. 4 2013 MLB Chipz + 1 game board per pack.

Collect your favorite MLB players and mascots in a variety of color-bordered chips and magnetic parallels. Additionally, search for new Red Foil Sticker Parallels of the Black Bordered Chipz. These beautiful chips are GUARANTEED one per case!


2015 Topps MLB Chipz will feature an array of colorful borders! Be sure to build your collection with:
- Red Bordered Chipz 1:2 packs
- Blue Bordered Chipz 1:4 packs
- Green Bordered Chipz 1:6 packs
- Black Bordered Chipz 1:10 packs

Gold Sticker Parallels of the Base Chipz will fall 1:3 packs and Red Sticker Parallels of the Black Bordered Chipz are guaranteed 1 per case.

Also, look for up to 25 subjects to be featured on Relic Chipz that showcase a circular slice of a game-used bat!