2015 Topps Chrome Blaster OMG My new best pull ever


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So left the house this morning to go to the local card shop and had anticipated on getting some supplies and a couple of jumbo packs of 2015 Topps Chrome. I got there and for whatever reason he decided to take the day off and they were closed. Bummed out, I made my way to the closest Meijer store to grab a few groceries and a blaster. Got home and cracked the blaster. On the second pack midway through, I got a Byron Buxton Gold Refractor Autograph #30/50!!!!!!!!! Out of a blaster!!!!!!!

Not a big Buxton fan so I guess eBay will be my next stop. What do you guys think I should do? BIN, BIN with Best Offer, or auction? How much should I ask without looking totally insane?


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With bigger hits I like to do a high BIN w/ BO... this way I can field offers and let go when I'm comfortable. Nice hit btw!!

David K.

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Nice hit! Check the closed auctions to see what previous ones closed for it will give u a good start on the bin with best offer. Best regards, David