2015 Topps Garbage Pail Kids 30th Anniv Hobby Box 07/08/2015


5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

GPK 30th Anniversary Series Celebrates the history of GPK with 11 All-New Never Before Done Themes!
Featuring 10 More Additional Themes than a regular GPK Release!
- Special '80s Celebration Subsets include '80s Pop Culture Parodies, Lost Alternate
Art of Classic '80s GPKs, Newly Painted Lost '80s Jokes!
- Classic '80s characters return with Adam Bomb's "Don't Push My Button," Zoom-Outs and Garbage Pail Kids' Kids!
- Includes the lost spin-offs GPK Pets & GPK Presidents, plus GPKs illustrated by guest Superstar Artists such as Katie Cook and Miran Kim, IDW Comic Book Covers and much more!
Featuring 14 All-New Never Before Done Themes!
11 Subsets within the "Base Set!"
- Adam Bomb's "Don't Push My Button!"
- Artistic Influence
- Artistic Interpretations
- Comic Book Covers
- Cutting Room Floor
- Lost Alternate Art
- Zoom-Outs
- '80s Spoofs
- Garbage Pail Pets
- Garbage Pail Presidents
- Garbage Pail Kids' Kids
Plus! 3 Insert Themes!
- Famous Movie Scenes
- Horror Films
- "Super Fan" Tattoos


245 Sticker Cards to Collect!
- (220) Themed Cards - 110 A/B names
- (15) Famous Movie Scene Stickers
- (5) Horror Film Stickers
- (5) "Super Fan" Tattoo Stickers

Parallels Provide Chase for Collectors
- Black Parallel (1:2)
- Silver Parallel (1:24) - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- Gold Parallel (85 per subject)

NEW! Exclusive Inserts and Short Prints
- (10) Foreign Legion Stickers - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- (10) C-name Short Prints (1:100)

Exciting Rare Hits Add Value
- Die Cut Sketch Cards - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- Autographs
- Printing Plates
- Buybacks NEW!


Adam Bomb's Don't Push My Button (20)
- Classic GPKs pressing Adam's button with "explosive" results

Artistic Influence (20)
- GPKs Influence throughout the history of art

Title Cards/Checklists (4)

Artistic Interpretations (10)
- Superstar Artists', such as Katie Cook and Miran Kim, takes on GPK

Comic Book Covers (14)
- Featuring IDW GPK Comic Book Covers

Cutting Room Floor (10)
- Unused '80s gags newly painted by original artist Tom Bunk

Lost Alternate Art (12)
- Unused '80s art, featuring the first versions of classic characters

Zoom-Outs (20)
- See what's really going on behind the scenes of classic GPK cards

'80s Spoofs (50)
- Parodies of other '80s pop culture icons

Garbage Pail Pets (20)
- A never before seen, vintage unused GPK spin-off concept

Garbage Pail Presidents (20)
- A never before seen, vintage unused GPK spin-off concept

GPKs' Kids (20)
- What if classic GPKs had a kids together?


Famous Movie Scenes (1:4)
- Famous classic GPK characters return inside iconic film scenes

Horror Films (1:8)
- Parodies of horror film posters, starring classic GPKs

"Super Fan" Tattoos (1:4)
- Stickers featuring parodies of GPK-themed tattoos


Sketch Cards
- One-of-a-kind artist illustrations from the GPK artists

- Including original series creators such as Len Brown NEW!

Printing Plates
- 540+ printing plates from the base set and inserts


Foreign Legion Stickers (1:24)
- Featuring GPKs from 10 different foreign series

Silver Parallels (1:24)
- Hobby exclusive silver parallel of the base cards

Die Cut Sketch Cards (500 total)
- One of a kind die cut shaped sketch cards by GPK artists

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