2015 Topps Jumbo Box


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I went and got my box yesterday. 116.57 with tax included. This is not a child's hobby and has not been for quite a while. When was the last time you saw packs at a small local store? Anyway I completed my base set and have some doubles if anybody needs any. I also have the following couple cards for trade:

John Holdzkom auto. it says on the back that he struck out a career high 100 batters in in the minor leagues in 2008. Way to go.

Yonder Alonso black #'ed 4/64

MLB Silhouette Logo Pin Giancarlo Stanton

Career High Doubles Manny Machado GU Jersey (already traded this card hopefully)

I have some threads in the baseball set builder's forum where I am looking for a bunch of different sets and I will always trade for Topps inserts