2015 Topps series 2 Hobby box, not too bad


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So I swung by my LCS today while I was out enjoying a really nice day. As we were talking, I was scanning the boxes he had for series 2. I only saw jumbo's and one hobby which was open for packs sales.

I asked him if he had any other hobby boxes, to which he showed me 6 more. I let him pick one out and promised to let him know if I pulled anything good.

About the 4th pack in I pulled this:

Meh, but ok. I think to myself I have the generic box hit.

A few packs later, it feels like a heavy pack.

Again, meh, but ok. Maybe I will just let him know the next time I go in that I pulled this.

A few more packs in, and something really feels weird with the pack.

I have no idea how to explain this one to him. The only out is that it isn't a Red Sox.

I really like the set up of these Strata cards, except for the auto. IT is just on the big piece of plastic that is covering the whole card. If they could somehow put this inside of the shadowbox of the card, it would really be slick. I think the patch on this one is exceptionally sweet.

Oh, and the other packs had the usual base and inserts. I just wanted something to do this afternoon, and man did he pick me one sweet box of series 2.

Thanks for the read. Enjoy the nice weather while you can!

David K.

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Congrats! That Strata Auto of David Wright #25 looks like a case hit! Best regards, David PS that's about two or three Mets fan on this site!