2016 Clear Vision football


Bench Warmer
Grabbed 3 packs from LCS, intended to buy couple boxes....
Instead of agreed on Price with Owner, his greasy, smelly , know it all about Magic , Pokémon, and nothing about Sports, or Sports cards.
Sorry for rambling....
So agreed with owner earlier this week to buy 2 boxes at shop price. 62.00$ a box..... But by the time I get there (40) minute drive Price jumps to 82.00$ a box ?!?!
So I get a text message saying don't ask him to order something and not pickup ?!?!
Told him about the rise in price... He apologized and said come up this morning and buy one box, and get rest of other box free.
I asked him to hire someone who collects Sports cards. He said I would if anyone applied, then he could concentrate on the Silver Buying/selling.
😀wish me luck, applying for my dream job.... Didn't ask about pay... Don't care
Pack one Julian Edelman base. Rob Gronkowski Red #17/49. Doug Baldwin base ( PC)
Pack two insert Rivals Cutler/Rivers. Eddy Lacy base. Von Miller base
Pack three Kirk Cousins base.Allen Robinson base RC Bear's Leonard Floyd #508/999.
All except Baldwin available. Would like Seahawks from this set.