2016 contenders draft picks

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Mar 16, 2003
got these to trade....

nelson spruce collage bowl ticket auto # 60/99
vonn bell draft picks auto

season ticket: 7 cooper, 17 newton, 26 hopkins 34 brees 73 ryan, 80 peterson, 88 tannehill, 97 benjaman
class reunion: brady
collage connections: thomas / jackson
game day: bosa, cook, elliott, d. henry, thomas, h. henry, perkins, higgens, booker, wilson, wentz, madden, drake, cajuste
school colors:johnson, bryant, winston, beckem, bell, ryan, rivers
passing grades: doughty
rush week: dixon
school colors:jones, coleman, henry, collins, perkins, higgens, ervin

looking for any 2016 packers cards in return and any of these 2016 rookies....kenny clark, jason spriggs, kyler fakrell, blake martinez, dean lowery, trevor davis, kyle murphy, michael caputo, alex erickson, darius hilery, tyler martz, tanner mcevoy, joel stave, austin traylor.
Interested in the Vonn Bell auto & the school color Vonn Bell & maybe some other Ohio State players. Don't have any 2016 cards yet, but I have lots of Packer cards listed on my site. Check my site out, if you don't see anything I have lots of Brett Favre cards not listed. Lmk if interested.
Deforest buckner,dak prescott,larumy tunsil,Brandon allen,deon jones,Chris Jones etc

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