2016 Decision cards


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Looking for any of these:

First Lady Portraits (Retail Versions only)
1 Barbara Bush
4 Laura Bush
5 Nancy Reagan
6 Jacqueline Kennedy

Candidate Portraits
CP1 Barack Obama
CP3 Bernie Sanders
CP6 Chris Christie
CP8 George W. Bush
CP13 Michael Bloomberg
CP17 Ronald Reagan
CP19 George H. W. Bush (SP)
CP21 Joe Biden (SSP)
CP25 John McCain (SP)

Trump Under Fire

TUF1 Trump vs. Mexican Immigration
TUF2 Trump says McCain not a war hero
TUF3 Trump vs. Megyn Kelly
TUF4 Trump ejects Univision Reporter
TUF5 Trump mocks Carly's face
TUF6 Trump vs. CNBC debate moderators
TUF7 Trump claims Muslims celebrated 9/11 in NJ
TUF8 Trump "Mocks" disabled reporter
TUF10 Trump Pledges to Republican Party
TUF11 Says Hillary Clinton "Got Schlonged"
TUF12 Trump calls for database of Muslims
TUF13 Cruz battles Trump over citizenship issue
TUF14 Parliament debates Trump ban from UK
TUF16 Trump vs. National Review
TUF17 Trump says he could shoot and not lose voters
TUF18 Trump Faces off against Fox News Debate
TUF19 Trump critical of G.W.Bush & Iraq War
TUF20 Trump calls for Apple Boycott
TUF21 Pope critical of Trump's stance on immigration
TUF22 Mexican President says he will not pay for wall
TUF23 Trump waffles on David Duke endorsement
TUF24 Mitt Romney Blasts Trump

Road to The White House - Letters
RWH5 Donald Trump

Elite Premium Set
E2. Bush Dynasty
E3. Trump & Palin
E4. The Clintons
E5. The White House
E6. George Washington
E7. Nancy Reagan (SP)

Pieces of America Coin & Stamp Cards
PA1 Hillary Clinton (IL) Rare Version = NY Quarter
PA2 Donald Trump (NY) Rare Version = FLA Quarter
PA8 Bill Clinton (AR)
PA9 George W. Bush (TX)
PA18 Ronald Reagan (CA)

Money Card
MO7 Donald Trump
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5.00 star(s)
Still looking for these. Have set #1 and a few singles for trade as well from this.

LMK whatyou have.