Review 2016 Finest M L B


5.00 star(s)
2016 Finest M L B

One mini box - 6 packs - 5 cards per pack
Each Mini Box - one chrome auto

I received the following:

21 unique base cards

This is a retail only product as I understand it this year. The cards are designed a bit differently than years past. The background consists of straight lines in different colors. The cards are clean looking and the player picture is crisp. Finest is a premium issue and the cards have a brilliant chrome finish.

The reverse of the card is also glossy. The stats are easily readable and there is a "Finest 2015 MLB Performance" write up on the player.


3 Refractors (I think... no designation)
Conforto, Springer, Kinsler
1 Blue Refractor #ed to 150

Intimidators and Finest Franchise


Intimidators - Harvey and Ichiro
Finest Franchise - Howard and Longoria


Andres Galarraga

On card blue Sharpee - beautiful auto!!


Finest MLB has always been one of my favorite issues. This year, not so much. I am disappointed in the auto that has been included. It is on card - as it should be - looks fantastic - as it should -- one can see that Galarraga took time to sign it beautifully -- BUT, I would really prefer a current player. Put the vets in Archives or A&G or Gypsy Queen.... not Finest.

For the player collector, Finest is an excellent issue. If everything holds as it has in the past, one will be able to find several different colors of refractors - blue, red, gold, etc to chase.

Overall grade B - I want current player autos in premium issues..

Go buy a box or 3 and send the cellar dwelling Rays to me!